Endowment Fund

BC Farm Museum Association Endowment Fund

In 1985 the Board of Directors of the BC Farm Museum Association wisely set up an Endowment Fund with the Vancouver Foundation. They invested $10,000 in this fund. The capital in this fund generates yearly interest which supports the museum operation. Through the years’ individuals have donated money to the Endowment Fund. In memoriam gifts, securities gifts and general donations have added to this fund. The fund capital currently stands at $18,249 and we receive about $900 in interest yearly. We encourage Association members and supporters to Donate. Tax receipts are issued by the Vancouver Foundation. Leave a LEGACY! Such a donation supports the Farm Museum in perpetuity. Donations can be made through the museum office or directly through the Vancouver Foundation. For more information contact Grace Muller at 604-534-0823 or Karen Long at 604-418-9507, at the museum or go directly to Linda Morgan at the Vancouver Foundation at 778-309-0963 Email info@vancouverfoundation.ca